Shirley Seput

Painting is a refuge for me. It quiets my mind and gives me a sense of purpose. I am a self-taught painter who has a passion for painting glass with all of its unexpected colors and subtle distortions. I particularly enjoy painting marbles, glassware, and still-lifes. Art, in one form or another, has always been a part of my life, and I have always been fascinated by realism. I'm drawn to detail work… I strive to paint exactly what I see. The realistic nature of my work makes oil a natural medium of choice as it offers a fluidity like no other. Working from a limited palette in controlled lighting, I paint both from life as well as photographs. Painting has changed the way I see the world. There is beauty hidden everywhere. Through my art I can see it and appreciate it. I feel I am constantly growing as an artist… it makes for an exciting future full of the unknown. I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband Gary and our Coton de Tulear Sophie.